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Expert Panel Webinar: Industrial IoT Best Practices

Expert Panel Webinar: Industrial IoT Best Practices

Expert Panel Webinar on “Industrial IoT Best Practices”

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Originally Broadcast:
Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Sponsor: Sierra Wireless
Duration: 1 Hour

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Across the world, the Industrial IoT (IIoT) is transforming industrial environments. Advances in IIoT are driving disruptive transformation, re-shaping the landscape of entire industries and enabling industrial equipment manufacturers to build new sources of revenue and offer entirely new kinds of services to their customers. However, building the infrastructure in an industrial setting is complex — it requires experience and knowhow across a variety of areas in the IIoT value chain: embedded software, IoT devices, cellular connectivity, cloud services, among others. 
Therefore, it’s critical to ensure that you get the right IoT solution for your Industrial IoT deployment. But with so many IoT solutions, how do you understand the options and make the right decision? To help your decision-making process we have assembled a panel of industry experts to share their key learnings and best practices in Industrial IoT.

Our Expert Panel will address how to navigate the challenges of industrial IoT and how to:

  • Avoid costly mistakes by understanding the top four challenges with Industrial IoT deployments. 
  • Simplify the Industrial IoT by streamlining the development, deployment, and operation of IoT solutions — the four key areas that are critical to the success of any IoT project. 
  • Understand the top three considerations when choosing IoT Connectivity, such as data quality, scalability and global coverage.   
  • Accelerate your data-driven transformation by securely extracting, orchestrating, and acting on data from your assets at the edge to the cloud.
  • Future proof your IoT solution by preparing for the rapid evolution of IoT technology: GNSS, LPWA, IoT SIMs/eUICC, device management and platforms. 

Submit your questions when you register, and we will answer as many of them as we can during this live webinar.


Robin Duke-Woolley, Analyst, CEO, Beecham Research

Robin Duke-Woolley is one of the best-known and most respected names in machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, with over 20 years’ experience as an analyst and consultant in telecommunications. Beecham Research combines successful business experience, and extensive analysis expertise in both research and consulting practices. The company operates globally and has research partners in many parts of the world.

Julie Morin, Canadian IoT Lead - Microsoft Azure, Microsoft

Julie Morin is part of the Microsoft Internet of Things - Global Black Belt team tasked in helping public and private sector customers accelerate their business transformation through Internet of Things initiatives.

Julie Morin brings experience in driving technology initiatives with organizations to find innovative solutions to address high value digital transformation projects. Julie is in line with the industry's fast changing requirements for enterprises looking for guidance with Internet of Things, predictive analytics, machine learning and data strategy while ensuring compliance, security as a forefront.

Remy Marcotorchino, Director, Marketing and Market Strategy, Sierra Wireless

Remy Marcotorchino is Director, Marketing and Market Strategy at Sierra Wireless, with worldwide responsibilities in the industrial and security markets. Prior to joining Sierra Wireless, he held positions in Fortune 500 companies including Texas Instruments, Sanmina SCI and Alcatel. He holds an MBA from SMU in Dallas, TX and a MS EE from INPG in Grenoble, France.



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