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How to Leverage Edge Controllers to Enhance Your Operations and Drive Savings

How to Leverage Edge Controllers to Enhance Your Operations and Drive Savings

An October 31 IndustryWeek and Machine Design-hosted webinar, sponsored by Emerson

Date: Thursday, October 31, 2019
Time: 2:00 PM EDT (GMT -4, New York)
Sponsor: Emerson
Duration: 1 Hour
Event Type: Live Webinar

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With the right IIoT strategy, you can drive significant efficiencies and savings in your business. You may have heard of edge devices, field gateways, cloud analytics, and local optimization. But what do these terms actually mean and how can these technologies help improve your operations and long-term IIoT strategy?

Learn how next generation edge controllers that combine real-time deterministic control with the flexibility of an open system for advanced optimization and secure connectivity, can bring information to your control system to help you make more informed decisions, aligned to your specific business objectives, while enhancing your operations and driving savings.

Rich Carpenter, General Manager of Product Management at Emerson, is responsible for the Machine Automation Solutions portfolio. Rich was previously CTO of Intelligent Platforms at General Electric and, as part of that, he has experience creating and deploying solutions in manufacturing plants around the world. Vibhoosh Gupta is Senior Manager of Product Management, responsible for the Industrial Automation product line, and is passionate about making the industrial internet real for end users.  Vibhoosh is helping usher in a new era of industrial edge devices to bring connectivity and outcome optimizing controls to the world’s industrial assets.

By joining this webinar, you will:

  • Have the knowledge to start developing or build upon your edge strategy
  • Better understand multiple edge architectures
  • Drive better cost and productivity through an effective IIoT strategy
  • Have the insight to connect your plant floor data to your company cloud infrastructure


Rich Carpenter, General Manager of Product Management, Machine Automation Solutions, Emerson

Vibhoosh Gupta, Senior Manager of Product Management, Industrial Automation, Emerson

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