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Innovative Plastic Joining Solutions Webinar: How to Conquer Tomorrow’s Medical Industry Challenges

Innovative Plastic Joining Solutions Webinar: How to Conquer Tomorrow’s Medical Industry Challenges

Uncover the range of Branson plastic joining solutions designed to meet operational challenges related to throughput and efficiency, maximum process flexibility, and control.

Date: Wednesday, September 18, 2019
Time: 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Sponsor: Emerson
Event Type: Live Webinar
Duration: 1 Hour

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Join us as we host Emerson’s medical segment leader for Branson, Tom Hoover. He will share insights on how to address today’s trends and future medical industry challenges to ensure on time product delivery, product and data integrity requirements and ROI. By leveraging a process neutral approach, our leading material joining experts can help you meet your budget, quality standards, timeline and overall business goals.

As the global leader in customer focused solutions for plastics joining, ultrasonic metal joining and precision cleaning- Emerson recognizes the right answer is more than just the equipment. It starts with providing you access to Branson project and consulting services- a global network of professionals who can help you make the right decisions from the earliest planning stages to full-scale production. The breadth of the Branson brand allows for a process-neutral approach to application development that insures customers receive the best solution to address product specifications, regulatory and budgetary needs while providing them with competitive advantages in product design, development and robust manufacturing solutions for benchtop or automated processes. We are fully committed to providing customers with solutions to meet today’s challenging marketplace.


Tom Hoover, Medical Segment Manager, Emerson/Branson

Tom Hoover is employed by Emerson and currently serves as the Medical Segment Manager for Branson. Tom brings a vast resource of understanding of the challenges confronting today’s medical device manufacturers and bio tech firms. His in-depth medical industry experience in all aspects of product development and regulatory compliance provides him the ability to assist in finding the innovative solutions manufacturers are seeking.