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Invigorate All Areas of Design with Printed Force- and Pressure-Sensing Technologies

Invigorate All Areas of Design with Printed Force- and Pressure-Sensing Technologies

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Originally Broadcast:
Thursday, September 12, 2019
Sponsor: Tekscan
Duration: 30 Minutes

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In the quest to develop the next smart device, machine, or application, the same technologies that design engineers use to validate their designs can become the very mechanisms that enable game-changing features. Smart sensing technologies, like thin, flexible force- and pressure-sensors, represent a core printed sensing category that function either as an R&D instrumentation tool, or as an embedded component. 

Tekscan Product Manager Camilo Aladro (Pressure Mapping Division) and Application Engineer/FlexiForceTM Product Manager Edward Haidar (Embedded Sensing Division) explain how this broad-use sensing technology can both uncover insights in your design process and transition into an embedded application. 


Camilo Aladro, Product Manager, Tekscan

Camilo Aladro is the Product Manager for the Pressure Mapping Division at Tekscan. He specializes in tactile pressure measurement for manufacturing, R&D, and quality assurance. Prior to this role, he spent 7 years with Rockwell Automation as a Product Manager with the Sensing, Safety and Connectivity Business. There he managed products designed to meet the latest EN and ISO standards for Industrial Automation. Camilo holds a BSME degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Ed Haidar, Applications Engineer and Product Manager, Tekscan

Ed Haidar is an Applications Engineer and Product Manager for the FlexiForce™ embedded force sensor division with Tekscan. Ed’s responsibilities at Tekscan have included design consultation, product development, technical documentation development, and more. Ed has extensive medical device design experience having worked with medical device OEMs on force sensor integration projects including drug delivery infusion pumps, surgical instruments, gait analysis systems, and physical rehabilitation equipment. Ed holds a B.S. in Electromechanical Engineering from the Wentworth Institute of Technology (Boston, MA), with a concentration in biomedical systems.





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