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Embrace Continuous Condition Monitoring to Enhance Performance

A Machine Design-hosted webinar sponsored by Balluff

Originally broadcast on June 15, 2023. Now available On Demand.
Sponsor: Balluff
Duration: 45 Minutes

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Machine failures and disruptive downtime can be addressed with continuous condition monitoring that can sense a failure before it occurs. By closely monitoring vital indicators such as vibration, temperature, pressure, humidity, and more, manufacturers can significantly boost overall equipment efficiency.

Early fault detection manages the correct maintenance intervals and end the practice of replacing healthy equipment based on calendars or cycles. A true condition monitoring system shows the actual health of your equipment and helps you anticipate—or defer—the maintenance.

Condition monitoring is great for issues such as:

  • Bearing failures
  • Imbalance
  • Frictional rubbing
  • Soft foot
  • Fan noise
  • Collisions
  • Misalignment
  • Displacement
  • Belt wear

Join Machine Design and Balluff as we showcase the tangible benefits of condition monitoring using real-world examples of how continuous condition monitoring works with you existing equipment. Additionally, the presentation provides actionable strategies to help seizing immediate control over your downtime—before it seizes you.


Shishir Rege | Product Marketing Manager | Networking 

Shishir Rege is well-known for his adeptness in bridging the gap between technology and business requirements. With a combination of technical expertise and strategic thinking, he assists organizations in leveraging technology to boost productivity, enhance quality, and achieve overall operational excellence. Shishir is proficient in applying automation technologies to drive the advancement of smart manufacturing across diverse sectors, including automotive, aerospace, medical, and consumer goods. He passionately shares his wealth of experience, accumulated over 20+ years in the industrial automation field, through speaking engagements at conferences and regular contributions to industry journals. Shishir holds a master's degree in electrical engineering from Western Michigan University, and an MBA from Michigan State University. Shishir is always open to network with like-minded professionals to discuss ideas and concepts. He can be reached at 

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