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How Solid Lubricant Guide Wheels Can Extend Motion Durability

A Machine Design-hosted webinar sponsored by Bishop-Wisecarver

Originally broadcast on September 14, 2023. Now available On Demand.

Sponsor: Bishop-Wisecarver

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Durability is key to ensure the performance and lifespan of modern motion systems. Solid lubricant technologies offer an opportunity to achieve this by extending the working life of guided wheel motion systems. In this webinar, Bishop-Wisecarver will discuss the benefits of solid lubricant technologies, using its Solid Lubricant DualVee guide wheels as an example which have demonstrated the ability to extend the life of alternative motion systems, and is suitable for use in harsh and extreme applications.

In this talk, our motion experts will answer the following questions:

  • What is solid lubricant, and how does it compare to grease-based lubrication in motion systems?
  • How does solid lubricant extend the life of wheel lubrication?
  • How does solid lubricant provide additional protection to motion systems?
  • What applications and industries will benefit from solid lubricant guide wheels?
  • How can solid lubricant guide wheels improve the total cost of ownership for machine users?


Alex Marques | Product Engineer | Bishop-Wisecarver

Alex Marques is a Product Engineer at Bishop-Wisecarver. He graduated from University of California, Berkeley with a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a specialization in Product Design. From R&D to manufacturing, Alex is passionate about bringing innovative new products tolight. Along with promoting products that meet customer’s needs and exceed their expectations, he enjoys inventing and working with his hands.

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