Rob Budny

President and Principal Engineer

ROB BUDNY is a mechanical engineer and expert in wind-turbine design, analysis, certification, operation, and maintenance. He first worked in the aerospace industry for Lockheed-Martin and Northrop Grumman, where he served as a design engineer and stress-and-fatigue analyst. In 2005, Budny joined Clipper Windpower, where he worked until 2013 on gearboxes, gearbox-failure analysis, generators, and pitch and yaw systems.

Today, Budny is president and principal engineer at RBB Engineering, a consulting firm with a network of consultants that provides rotating-machinery engineering services. In fact, RBB Engineering provides expertise to wind turbine as well as all industries where rotating machinery is used.

Budny also founded, a site to catalog progress made to improve the reliability of wind-turbine gearboxes, a significant issue in the wind industry.

Rob’s Recent activity