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Two-Shot Molding: The Advantages, Considerations and Real-World Applications

C&J Industries acquired a 220-ton Nissei two-shot press so they could accommodate the jobs they had been having to turn away.
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Elevating Precision Manufacturing with CNC Micromachining

Micromachining is used to design and create small, delicate parts, especially in the electronics and medical device industries. The author lays out the main benefits and the best...
SaaS: The Concept of a Single Source of Truth

SaaS: The Concept of a Single Source of Truth

With cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) and global deployments, companies can enable collaboration and a new way of working—on the same design at the same time.

CAD/CAM Roundup: Engineering Software Productivity Tools and Services

Overcome complicated processes with the use of agile, flexible CAD/CAM and PLM solutions that streamline workflow automation.
Factory Operating Systems: Software That Supports Making Hardware

Factory Operating Systems: Software That Supports Making Hardware

A startup focuses on getting information from design and engineering down to the shop floor and back again to enrich decision-making and improve the product. Takeaway: insights...
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The Past, Present and Future of Design for Additive Manufacturing

When 3D printing moved from a hobby to an industrial process, DfAM had to be codified to prevent hits to the bottom line.
9T Labs

Additive Fusion Technology’s Impact on Manufacturing

9T Labs' Additive Fusion Technology (AFT) is an additive manufacturing process that enables strong, lightweight and sustainable products using continuous fiber composites.
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Machine Design’s Software Week

For the week beginning March 11, look to us for content about the software that helps drive today’s modern manufacturing environment.
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Women of Influence in the Machine Design Space

This curated collection of content celebrates the remarkable women shaping the machine design landscape.