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Biomedical Robot Retrains Patients to Sit

Patients with spinal cord injuries often need help relearning how to safely sit and interact with surroundings. A robot can now help.
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Stretchable Electronics, Polymer Layers Key to Wearable Multifunction Medical Patch

By combining layers of stretchable polymers with a tiny circuit board, researchers developed a rugged, comfortable skin patch that wirelessly reports raw data for EKG, respiration...
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Silicon-InGaAs Photodetectors Deliver Reliable Broadband Detection

Marktech’s MT03-041 and MT03-047 hybrid photodetectors offer 365-nm blue-green enhanced silicon-based and 1300-nm InGaAs-based detection.
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Making Connections with IoT Solutions

Internet of Things technology is creating a safer and smarter world by allowing artificial intelligence to be used with electronic devices connected to the internet.
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Optics, Electronics Combine for Non-Invasive, Accurate Arthritis Assessment

Tests are underway on an optically based, multi-wavelength system that allows for fast, accurate, noninvasive diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis.
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Seize the Full Potential from Your Micro Speakers

Due to their size, micro speakers are typically limited when it comes to high fidelity and excursion, often producing a “tinny” audio response. However, a novel smart speaker ...
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Editor's Choice: Medical Technology

Medical sensors get smaller, robots invade the operating room, healthy hacking, and more are covered in what we call "Editor’s Choice."
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VFM Mode Buck DC-DC Converters Target Wearables and IoT Devices

Ricoh’s RP516 and RP517 are designed for applications that require a low supply voltage between 0.3 and 1.2 V.
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Wearable Clinical-Grade Medical Sensors Get Even Smaller

New, compact clinical-grade medical sensors developed by Maxim Integrated will target applications like wireless earbuds.