Advancing High-Temperature 3D Printing with igus iglide i230

This powder printing material is designed to withstand temperatures up to 110°C and protect against static discharge.
Photo 70699848 © Woraphon Banchobdi | Dreamstime.com

April is National Welding Month: Take a Tour of Events and Resources Across the Industry

A compilation of events, articles and resources highlight the use of welding techniques across industries.
TR Fastenings

How the Lighting Cluster Emerged as the Sustainable Fastener Solution

The author makes the case that “Right to Repair” regulation is influencing designers’ considerations to return to fasteners rather than welding products, or having fixings that...
Sharon Spielman

Insights from MD&M West: Keynotes, Sessions and Exhibits

The medical design and manufacturing event addressed the needs of the growing medical device industry through presentations and exhibits that did not disappoint.
9T Labs

Additive Fusion Technology’s Impact on Manufacturing

9T Labs' Additive Fusion Technology (AFT) is an additive manufacturing process that enables strong, lightweight and sustainable products using continuous fiber composites.
Images courtesy of Lori Sanders/Harvard SEAS, source via Harvard’s Wyss Institute

4D Printing: The Next Dimension of Advanced Manufacturing

Researchers envisage 4D printing technology will have significant application potential for healthcare, automotive, aerospace and consumer industries. But what is it exactly? ...
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5 for Friday: The Reader’s Choices for 2023

Machine Design reviews the top five articles that readers responded to this year.

Q&A: Enhancing Performance and Versatility with Advanced 3D Printing Materials

Fictiv’s Riley Hall talks about high-performance, functional parts with complex geometries that are possible with a range of 3D printing materials.
ABB Measurement & Analytics
The author positions digital measuring devices as an enabler for the lithium-ion battery industry.

Solving the Challenges of Battery Production Growth Through Smart Measurement

How smart instrumentation is helping battery producers increase manufacturing capacity while staying aligned with the environmental agenda.