Key Component Integration for High-Performance Robotic Joints

Cross-examine the design and specs of the separate components that make up maxon’s robotic joint solution.

Festo Offers Components for Intralogistics Motion Automation

The company’s lineup includes components for pushing/sorting, gripping/picking and lifting/conveying, as well as a 7th axis solution for bin picking.
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Smart Factories, M2M Connections Markets Continue to Grow

Ever-increasing machine connectedness means that today’s design engineers consider smart connectivity, predictive maintenance and cybersecurity as well as mechanical design and...
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Low-Cost Automation: Explore New Paths Via Magnetism and Gravity

This case study on a robotics solution for positioning bulk goods uses simple physical methods—magnetism and gravity—to achieve low-cost automation. Why? Because simple and inexpensive...
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Driving Robotics and Embedded Motion Applications with Next-Generation Servo Technology

Exploring compact, efficient and powerful nano-type servo drives with innovative thermal management technology and EtherCAT or CANopen support.


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Year in Review: Machine Design’s 2023 Cover Story Series

Flip through this year’s print issues to uncover significant technology milestones of 2023.
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Machine Design Tips the Hat to Contributors of Note in 2023

Catch up on technology updates you’ve been meaning to read about all year. Links are provided at your fingertips.

Annual Salary Survey eBook from Machine Design

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Intelligent Assistant Platforms Improve Conversations with Industrial Robots

Communication with robots in industrial settings demands safety mechanisms that protect people. Conversational language assistants can broker a safer interface.