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    The State of the Automation Industry

    Hannover Messe 2024: Festo’s Frank Notz on the State of the Automation Industry

    May 1, 2024
    Festo’s Frank Notz dissects the company’s vision for the future by explaining the push for flexible, open architecture, sustainable solutions and the determination to develop ...
    Midwest Automation Inc.

    Championing Diversity and Innovation in the Fabrication Industry

    April 26, 2024
    The CEO of a St. Louis-based electrical control panel fabricator leads with a pioneering spirit, supporting diversity and innovation in the fabrication industry through her recent...
    Industrial Technician Jobs Market Growing

    Industrial Technician Jobs Market Growing

    April 15, 2024
    What does it take to find work in robotics or mechatronics these days?
    Securing Work in Mechatronics Engineering

    Securing Work in Mechatronics Engineering

    April 12, 2024
    Dr. Parminder Jassal, founder of the skills-to-jobs marketplace Unmudl, offers pointers on securing jobs in mechatronics.
    Photo 70699848 © Woraphon Banchobdi | Dreamstime.com

    April is National Welding Month: Take a Tour of Events and Resources Across the Industry

    April 2, 2024
    A compilation of events, articles and resources highlight the use of welding techniques across industries.

    More content from Workers in Science and Engineering (WISE)

    139961406 © Amarosy | Dreamstime.com

    Women of Influence in the Machine Design Space

    March 8, 2024
    This curated collection of content celebrates the remarkable women shaping the machine design landscape.
    291016830 © Auremar | Dreamstime.com

    The Big Payback: Engineering Salaries Rank Among Highest for Graduates

    Jan. 5, 2024
    Engineering, computer and IT are among America’s highest-paying sectors, reveals Bureau of Labor Statistics data. Engineering grads earn $97K on average.
    148215540 © Pop Nukoonrat | Dreamstime.com

    The Future of Connected Worker Technology and Its Impact on Industrial Training

    Nov. 21, 2023
    A new paradigm of work driven by technology is reshaping industrial skills and training efforts in profound ways.
    Courtesy Stephanie Holko

    Survey of Engineers: Pushing Roles to the Edge of Possibility

    Nov. 1, 2023
    A thought leader on advanced manufacturing and professional engineers analyzes research on what drives attrition in engineering and answers the question of applicable skills.
    ASME and gorodenkoff/iStock
    Engineers On Computer Gorodenkoff 921020080

    The Rise of the Sustainability Engineer

    Oct. 31, 2023
    As a sustainability engineer, Iana Aranda is tasked with bolstering sustainability efforts by preparing the engineering workforce for social entrepreneurship and cross-sector ...
    Courtesy Monica Moman-Saunders, Jackie Mattox and Roberta Rincon

    Changemakers: Expanding our Understanding of the STEM Field

    Oct. 30, 2023
    Lifting up some of the amazing women who shared their expertise in Machine Design’s WISE (Workers in Science & Engineering) series in 2023.
    Salvador Ceja/Dreamstime and courtesy MFG Day
    Factory Dreamstime Salvador Ceja 6955125 Promo

    MFG Day 2023: Embrace Innovation, Inspire the Future

    Oct. 4, 2023
    Companies across North America are gearing up to celebrate the annual event, which takes place the first Friday of October.
    WISE Roundtable thumbnail

    DEI Roundtable: Key Associations Highlight Progress and Next Steps

    June 6, 2023
    A panel of leaders deliver a state of the union on their organizations' Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts.
    How Design for Manufacturability Applies to Sustainable Engineering  thumbnail

    How Design for Manufacturability Applies to Sustainable Engineering

    April 12, 2023
    A sustainability engineer explains how she applies design for manufacturability methodology to low-resource ventures.
    Emerson’s PACMotion controller, servo drives and servo motors are designed to work together, combining an integrated motion and machine logic solution with the performance, flexibility and scalability required for advanced machine automation.

    Optimizing Linear Motion Solutions Using Hybrid Automation Systems

    April 11, 2023
    Achieve greater efficiency, flexibility and more for complex equipment and processes by combining electric and pneumatic actuators.
    How Sustainability Permeates the Work of an Engineer thumbnail

    How Sustainability Permeates the Work of an Engineer

    April 11, 2023
    To learn about careers in sustainable engineering, Machine Design picked at Iana Aranda’s resume and the roles she serves at ASME.
    Are Sustainability Engineering Roles in Demand? thumbnail

    Are Sustainability Engineering Roles in Demand?

    March 10, 2023
    Iana Aranda, director of Engineering Global Development at ASME, discusses in-demand skills.
    Comfortable in Discomfort: ASME Leader Bolsters Global Sustainability Efforts thumbnail

    Comfortable in Discomfort: ASME Leader Bolsters Global Sustainability Efforts

    March 8, 2023
    In her role as a sustainability engineer, Iana Aranda has the responsibility of preparing the engineering workforce for good, social entrepreneurship and cross-sector partnerships...
    Market Mentors
    Darrell Cojocar and Curtis Carskadon

    Manufacturers Facing Labor Challenges Find Inclusivity to be a Solution

    Jan. 11, 2023
    Hutchinson Aerospace & Industry benefits from an inclusion program that employs individuals with developmental disabilities.
    Monkey Business Images/Dreamstime
    Students building a machine in an engineering class

    Transform Manufacturing Education to Boost Productivity

    Dec. 8, 2022
    An ASME survey reveals ways to address labor gaps. Hint: Nurture emerging technology skill sets.
    What's This Retired NASA Engineer Doing Now? thumbnail

    What is This Retired NASA Engineer Doing Now?

    Sept. 28, 2022
    Wanda Harding is on a mission to help the next generation of STEM leaders navigate their place in the world.
    Mission to Mars thumbnail

    Mission to Mars: The Role of the Senior Mission Manager is to Make Tough Calls

    Sept. 28, 2022
    Wanda Harding discusses her career progression, as well as the risks and rewards of being an engineer at NASA.
    Monkey Business Images/Dreamstime
    Patient in hospital bed talking with doctor

    How Emerging Technologies Can Transform the Hospital Experience

    Aug. 9, 2022
    Implementing new technology solutions can create significant service quality enhancements.
    Florbela Costa

    Q&A: How Florbela Costa Helps Drive Unmanned Space Flight

    June 29, 2022
    Florbela Costa, a SpaceLab project manager at maxon, tells us what’s behind the design of the six DCX micromotors on the NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter.
    3M/3M 2022 U.S. State of Science Index
    Jayshree Seth/infographic from State of Science Index 2022 report

    Q&A: 3M’s Pulse of Public Trust in Science

    May 26, 2022
    3M’s chief science advocate, Jayshree Seth, shares highlights on the 2022 State of Science Index and discusses why misinformation affects sentiments.
    Kathy Miller and Shannon Karels
    Q&A logo with Steel Toes and Stilettos cover

    If the Shoe Fits: How Two Women Manage Lean Transformations

    May 24, 2022
    Two lean transformation professionals share a roadmap to their success in a lean transformation journey.
    Tana Utley
    Tana Utley

    Lead Problem-Solver: Tana Utley Signs Off on Big Projects

    April 27, 2022
    A lead engine person reflects on 35 years of working for an equipment manufacturer and the competencies gained along the way.
    International Women's Day logo with feet

    Let’s Celebrate International Women’s Day Together

    March 8, 2022
    This year’s theme is #BreakTheBias, and we have a content lineup to help do just that.
    Tana Utley interview title card

    How Leaders Lead: Tana Utley on Values That Defined her Journey at Caterpillar

    March 1, 2022
    On the heels of her retirement, Tana Utley, former vice president of Caterpillar, reflects on her engineering career.
    Trelleborg Sealing Solutions
    The Women Influencers program

    Connecting Women from the Production Floor to the C-Suite

    Dec. 15, 2021
    A Trelleborg team member has spearheaded a program to support women in manufacturing, technology and supply chain management.
    Human rights word cloud

    Engineering Change Through Allyship, Part 3

    Nov. 10, 2021
    Industry leaders discuss their roles as allies and how they’re challenged to constantly learn, question and re-evaluate the space they occupy.
    Human rights word cloud

    Engineering Change Through Allyship, Part 2

    Nov. 8, 2021
    Industry leaders discuss their roles as allies and how they’re challenged to constantly learn, question and re-evaluate the space they occupy.
    Human rights word cloud

    Engineering Change Through Allyship, Part 1

    Nov. 4, 2021
    Industry leaders discuss their roles as allies and how they’re challenged to constantly learn, question and re-evaluate the space they occupy.
    Chayanan Phumsukwisit/Dreamstime
    Artist's rendition of quantum computing

    Q&A: The Quantum Leap from Bits to Qubits

    Oct. 19, 2021
    A futurist discusses technologies on the horizon and what’s giving her career a quantum advantage.
    Interview screenshot

    WISE Practitioners: Kristen Hurtado Sets Professional Development Goals

    Oct. 6, 2021
    Kristen Hurtado discusses the multiple paths women take through engineering careers.
    CAD and additive manufacturing

    Manufacturing Manikins for Medical Simulation and Training

    Oct. 4, 2021
    Human patient simulators and life-imitating technologies enable medical and frontline workers to respond with confidence in emergency situations.
    Linda Zheng interview screenshot

    Driving Change Through Electrification Innovation

    Sept. 14, 2021
    The chief nameplate engineer discusses her role in Ford’s electrification project.
    Temperature gauge

    Improving Material Design for Real-World Conditions

    Aug. 19, 2021
    Research aims to use machine learning algorithms to predict how fibrous materials react to temperature and humidity.
    Molecular beam epitaxy machine

    Designing Materials for Quantum Memories

    Aug. 13, 2021
    Quantum repeaters are only in the design stage, but hold great promise for quantum communication.
    Photo collage

    Plugging In: How Ford’s Chief Nameplate Engineer Leads the Pickup Charge

    July 14, 2021
    Linda Zhang speaks to Machine Design about milestones she’s achieving on the road to Ford’s F-150 electrification project.
    Gender Bias Prazis Dreamstime com

    Combating Biases in Engineering Workplaces

    June 29, 2021
    Creating an inclusive culture in engineering is vital to developing and sustaining a diverse workforce, and we all have a role to play in making it happen.
    Bulltus Casso/Dreamstime
    Female engineer

    International Women in Engineering Day: A Celebration of What’s Possible

    June 23, 2021
    In honor of INWED, we highlight the work of engineers who rise in spite of the challenges.
    Angela Alban interview screenshot

    WISE Practitioners: Female Leadership Traits

    June 22, 2021
    An entrepreneurial spirit, hard work and passion catapult Angela Alban to the top.
    Mansooreh Mollaghasemi interview screenshot

    An Industrial Engineer Shares Her Story and Career Advice

    June 22, 2021
    Dr. Mansooreh Mollaghasemi combines practice and academia to forge her own path.
    Sitthirat Phongphotjanatham/Dreamstime
    Woman engineer at construction site

    Reaching Gender Equity in STEM Professions

    May 28, 2021
    Recruitment and retention are key challenges.
    Ellen Kullman interview screenshot

    Video Insights: Leading Through Uncertainty

    May 6, 2021
    Ellen Kullman, CEO of Carbon, talks about leading in difficult times and fostering opportunities for women.
    Ankita Joshi and Hibba Syeda talk with Rehana Begg

    WISE Practitioners: Two Engineers Explain How They Chose Their Engineering Specialties

    April 16, 2021
    GM's Ankita Joshi and Suncor's Hibba Syeda are using their dynamic qualifications to prove that potential and experience go hand in hand.
    Artist's rendering of gender equality

    A 100-Year Journey to Parity

    April 16, 2021
    Women-led enterprises fared well during COVID, but how do we get more?
    Calicia Johnson
    Calicia Johnson

    How A Mechanical Engineer Shares Her Domain Advantage

    April 7, 2021
    A journey through engineering underpins a parallel vocation in mentorship.
    Calicia Johnson inteview screenshot

    Video Insights: A "WISE" Journey through Engineering

    April 7, 2021
    Over the past 10 years, Calicia Johnson has worked as a rotating equipment engineer, maintenance engineer, subsea engineer, water strategy and planning manager, and most recently...
    Sarah Boisvert interview screenshot

    Video Insights: The "New Collar" Workforce

    April 2, 2021
    Manufacturing in the 21st Century offers the promise of a rewarding, lucrative career path...but the industry has to overcome its longstanding image problem first. In this video...
    Sarah Boisvert
    Sarah Boisvert and manufacturing workplace photo

    Preparing for the "New Collar" Working World

    April 2, 2021
    How Sarah Boisvert works to upskill the manufacturing workforce.
    Deutsche Bahn video thumbnail

    Identify the Best AM Spare Parts Using Digital Qualified Inventory

    April 1, 2021
    As additive manufacturing expands, manufacturers will need solutions that digitize assets to help identify the best spare parts for AM applications.
    Mustang Shelby GT500 front end

    No Straight Line on Prototyping

    March 22, 2021
    Functional additive manufacturing requires analysis and testing.
    TE Connectivity
    Man contemplating a connector bouquet

    What’s the Difference: Identifying Cordset Options for Automation Sensors

    March 8, 2021
    Sensors and corresponding connector components go hand-in-hand in factory automation applications. M12 connectors are a flexible option.
    Sarcos and HZO
    Guardian S robot with inset photo of Lisa Rizzo

    Nano Coatings: Robots Need Protection, Too

    Feb. 25, 2021
    Printed circuit board assemblies can be reliably protected with parylene coatings.
    Photo collage

    Metal 3D Printing: Who Needs Supports?

    Feb. 11, 2021
    Support-free AM technology is proving its advantages with greater design freedom and less engineering time.
    Simulation results

    Pneumatics Toolkit: How to Calculate Energy Savings

    Feb. 11, 2021
    A toolkit for designing efficient pneumatic systems should include energy savings measures.
    Design Summit 2020 WISE panelists

    A WISE Panel Reviews the Effects of the Pandemic on the Workforce

    Nov. 23, 2020
    Women in science and engineering reflect on the way the pandemic will change the way manufacturers view their field.
    Gender crisis

    A Gender Crisis of Confidence

    May 26, 2020
    Getting more women in manufacturing solves the skills gap problem. That solution is hindered by perception issues on all sides.
    Women in engineering

    Mind the Gap

    May 26, 2020
    Some of the most prominent women in manufacturing share their thoughts on just how successfully the industry is closing the gender gap.
    Lamborghini and Audrey Sherman

    A Perfect Bond: An Industrial Scientist Inspires with a Record Number of Patents

    March 17, 2020
    Audrey Sherman has a penchant for adhesives…and a drive to make her inventions stick.
    Women in engineering

    4 Ways to Encourage More Women to Enter STEM

    May 31, 2019
    Women are poised to become the new competitive edge in manufacturing.

    Why Women Will Be Driving the Future of Tech—and How

    Aug. 16, 2018
    The CEO of SmartGurlz explains how gender diversity has changed the world we live in and will continue to do so.
    Thor: Ragnarok

    “Thor: Ragnarok” STEM Challenge Inspires Young Girls

    Sept. 18, 2017
    Marvel Studios’ annual event helps to keep these aspiring engineers interested in STEM education and future career paths.
    Girl Scouts STEM Career Day

    Interest Is Growing, But STEM Is Nothing New for Girl Scouts

    Sept. 15, 2017
    New badges and journeys are created to increase girls' interest and enthusiasm in a male-dominated field.
    A Brief History of Brilliant Women

    A Brief History of Brilliant Women

    Aug. 9, 2017
    Women in engineering have produced some of the greatest achievements in engineering, yet most endured harsh inequalities—some of which continue today in various forms.