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Tips for lowering your total cost of ownership

July 25, 2022
This whitepaper will show you how to get started creating a cost-benefit analysis for designing linear motion into your equipment.

When designing linear motion into your equipment, a true cost-benefit analysis of all viable options must account for the indirect costs each option is expected to incur during the design process, during installation, and (if applicable) during repair.

Questions to ask yourself during the initial stages of design work include:

  • What support can I expect to receive from a given linear-component and systems manufacturer and supplier? Can this potential supplier help to reduce my team’s design and manufacturing effort?
  • Are there ways to accelerate the development timeline and start seeing results sooner?
  • If the machines don’t perform reliably, how might that reflect on and impact me as the equipment manufacturer?
  • Can my choice in linear-components help trim expenses for our end users over the course of the entire machine life?

After all, the expense of a machine failure includes not just the cost of replacement components, but the labor costs of the maintenance, the value of the operators’ time as the machine is down, the lost production capability of the equipment, and potentially the reputation of the equipment manufacturer.

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