Aerotech Difference Between Stage On Granit

The Difference Between Stage-on-Granite and Integrated Granite Motion Systems

May 16, 2023
This paper compares technical and commercial aspects of two types of motion systems. A case study evaluates form factor, performance, and economics. Both systems have tradeoffs, so expert supplier guidance is essential for successful implementation.

Linear motion systems are used in a range of manufacturing processes, and the use of granite is a popular material to provide a stable, vibration-free base for such systems. Choosing between a stage-on-granite solution and an integrated-granite motion (IGM) platform is one of the first decisions to be made. The distinction between both solution types, and their advantages and disadvantages are described in this article, which also outlines the technical differences between the two options. One test-case design that examines the technical and financial merits of both options is also presented.

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