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Machine Design

Glass microspheres

Glass Bubbles are lightweight, low-density additives with very-high strength-to-density ratios. The chemically stable hollow microspheres have a pressure resistance up to 28,000 psi. The bubbles reduce the weight of plastic parts, while improving dimensional stability, for lighter and more stable products. They reduce the weight of parts by 10 to 20%, decrease production time, minimize warpage and shrinkage, reduce overall system costs, and help to meet weight-reduction targets. The glass spheres, created as an additive to drilling fluids and cement slurries, withstand the crushing weight of ocean waters at extreme depths, while improving the buoyancy of undersea risers. 3M, 3M Center, Building 225-1S-15, St. Paul, MN 55144, (888) 364-3577),

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