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Formlabs Introduces Fuse Blast for Automated SLS Post-Processing

Nov. 30, 2023
Fuse blast is designed to reduce post-processing time and costs while ensuring consistent 3D printed part finishing.

Introduced at Formnext in early November, Fuse Blast from Formlabs is made to automate the critical phase of part cleaning and polishing in SLS 3D printing, aiming to lower labor and overhead costs as well set new benchmarks for speed, precision and quality in additive manufacturing.

Key features of Fuse Blast include:

  • Automatic tumbling for hands-off cleaning
  • In-line ionizer that prevents dust from resettling on parts
  • Preprogrammed routines that are compatible with multi-material cycles
  • Manual cleaning options with ergonomic and handheld cleaning for larger and intricate parts
  • Polishing system for smooth, scuff-resistant and a dye-ready finish.

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According to a company release, early users of Fuse Blast have reported streamlined post-production workflows and reduced manual effort required for cleaning and processing SLS parts. Fuse Blast is set to ship in early 2024, with the polishing system available globally in the first half of the year.

Software Update for Fuse Series Printers

Expanding the SLS ecosystem with the Fuse Blast as well as software updates will support the fleet of Fuse printers on the market that are used across automotive, manufacturing, engineering and other fields.

The company issued a software update for existing Fuse Series printers to enhance its capabilities and improve overall system performance, including a 30% increase in print speeds for Nylon 12 Powder on Fuse 1+ 30W printers; improved packaging algorithm for better packing density, reducing powder waste by 42% on average; and better part resolution for Nylon 12 Powder on the Fuse 1+ 30W enabling strong and fully resolved fine features to create thin walls, pins, struts and embossed text.

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