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FOCUS ON: Ball Screws - What ME's Need to Know (Download)

Machine Design Editor, Stephen Mraz, has curated a comprehensive collection of Machine Design’s best articles on ball screws to help engineers optimize industrial motion control...
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How Healthy is Your Design Process?

Here are some simple questions for your design team. What you do with the answers could improve your products.
The shape of the back EMF (BEMF) over 360 deg. and BEMF’s derived shape.

What Determines the Stall Torque of Brushless DC Motors?

Understand what factors influence the stall torque of a brushless DC motor.


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Electric car

Lubrication and Tribology Trends (and Challenges) in EVs

Tribology better be ready to play an important role in the development of electric vehicles.
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A Systems Engineering Approach to AI

Artificial intelligence systems need a holistic view to help unlock their full potential.
Transition to driverless cars

How AI Is Paving the Way for Autonomous Cars

Artificial intelligence can respond quickly to real-word data points generated from hundreds of different sensors, but it will surely take some time until it hits the streets....
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Design Essentials: How to Convert from Rotary to Linear Motion

MISUMI Automation helps us examine different examples of mechanisms that convert rotary motion to linear motion along with industry applications.