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Women of Influence in the Machine Design Space

March 8, 2024
This curated collection of content celebrates the remarkable women shaping the machine design landscape.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, Machine Design is excited to showcase a collection of content that amplifies the voices and stories by remarkable women. From insightful interviews to thought-provoking contributions, these pieces highlight the diverse perspectives and invaluable contributions of women in the machine design community. Join us in honoring and recognizing these women in this special compilation of content.

In this article about 4D Printing, Sarah Goehrke, founder of Additive Integrity LLC, explores the latest dimension of additive manufacturing: time.

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Dr. Elissa Ross, co-founder and CEO of Metafold, the developer of a Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) cloud-based software, sat down with Machine Design and talked about the company’s beginnings, the technology behind its computation engine, its impact on key markets and its commitment to sustainability.

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Chloe Vollaro, a 3D printing applications engineer at Protolabs, offers eight tips for designing printed parts. She says that understanding the basic limitations of 3D printing will allow issues to be corrected before they are submitted for an analysis and quote.

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Emily Newton, a technology writer and editor-in-chief of Revolutionized, tackled the topic of intelligent substation design for Machine Design. Although there is no single best way to focus on intelligent substation design, she offers examples that show how people are getting meaningful outcomes by being open to using new technologies and having clear ideas for what they want to achieve.

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Our own Rehana Begg, editor-in-chief of Machine Design, writes thought-provoking, interesting content month after month, week after week, day after day. When Patrick Mahomes butted heads with Dolphins safety DeShon Elliott in the AFC Wild Card match up, Begg knew there was an interesting story to be had. Like she said in the first line, “There’s nothing like a sports event for spreading awareness about a product or technology.”

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Through these narratives and insightful conversations, we see the brilliance and creativity of just a handful of women who have shaped and continue to help shape our industry. At the end of this special day, let’s carry forward the spirit of empowerment, equality and progress and ensure that our voices are heard.

Editor’s Note: Machine Design’s WISE (Workers in Science and Engineering) hub compiles our coverage of workplace issues affecting the engineering field, in addition to contributions from equity seeking groups and subject matter experts within various subdisciplines.

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