SolidWorks 2012 includes more than 200 new functions

Nov. 9, 2011
SolidWorks 2012 3D design software includes many new tools.SolidWorks 2012 3D design software includes many new tools.
SolidWorks 2012 3D design software includes many new tools. For example, one function helps users create better-looking and more-accurate drawings by highlighting changed dimensions and showing previous values. A sequential balloon-ordering capability, along with “magnetic” lines, makes it easy to position and align balloons. In addition, SolidWorks Sustainability’s new user interface helps users accurately model products using “what-if” scenarios and custom materials. Version 2012 also lets users quickly open and review massive assemblies, or individual components, using walkthroughs, sectioning, and measuring, without the need for a high-powered computer or special file preparation. A “feature freeze” function eliminates unwanted feature rebuilds and an equation editor lets users quickly create equations. Additionally, a design-costing tool automates calculating manufacturing costs for sheet metal and machined parts. Users can also design sheet metal parts from scratch or convert existing 3D parts to sheet metal. Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp., 300 Baker Ave., Concord, MA 01742, (800) 693-9000,

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