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3D Printer Offers Filament Recognition

July 9, 2015
Offering automatic filament recognition, the Robox 3D printer does not require programming when installing different materials.
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The Robox 3D Printer uses fused filament fabrication. Offering automatic filament recognition, the printer does not require programming when installing different materials. The head is interchangeable, letting the system have several functions, including a dual-material head, stylus cutter, milling head, and 3D scanner. The dual-nozzle print head offers a single-material feed that can be directed out of one of two nozzles. The 0.3-mm fine nozzle produces exterior surfaces. The 0.8-mm fast nozzle fills the items, several layers at a time. A needle-valve directs material between nozzles and shuts off the nozzles when moving between areas.

The print bed is easily removable, so users can change the bed as needed. The print surface is constructed from PEI laminate material, which helps printed objects release easily once they are finished. The enclosed print area prevents outside thermal influences affecting the print by keeping the internal environment stable. It also shields users from surfaces too hot to touch. A window lets operators see inside the build chamber.

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