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The CAM Software Industry Forges Ahead with New Developments

With computer-aided manufacturing’s market projections, new companies are trying to join this growing trend.

Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, manufacturing processes have gone through several changes. One of the major changes came with the advent of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software, a system that makes effective use of computer technology in manufacturing, planning, and control of products. Its use began in the 1950s and gradually became widespread in many industries by the early 21st Century.

One of the major benefits offered by CAM software is that brings automation via real-time control and robotics in production processes, thereby saving time, labor, and cost. As each of the manufacturing processes is controlled by computers, a high level of precision and consistency is achieved. Another advantage of CAM is that it can be used to facilitate customization and rapid design changes to suit the specific needs of customers. Some of the applications of CAM include programming for numerical control (NC), computer numerical control (CNC), and industrial robots; design of dies and molds for casting; design of tools and fixtures and EDM electrodes; and quality control and inspection in manufacturing plants.

The CAM software industry is seeing steady growth in recent years. Much of this growth is due to recent innovations in the space, growing demand for sophisticated computer-aided manufacturing in various industries such as automobiles, aerospace & defense, the surge in industrialization, an increase in the use of CAM software in packaging machinery, and the rise in adoption of cloud technologies. As per a report from Allied Market Research, the CAM software market is expected to accrue a sum of $3,572 million by 2025, thereby growing at a CAGR of 7% during the forecast period, 2018-2025.

Numerous new launches took place in the space recently. SprutCAM America, the official North and South American reseller of SprutCAM, launched its latest CAM software called SprutCAM 12. Mogassam, a dental 3D printer manufacturer, unveiled its DentCase DLP 3D printer that offers a complete workflow with integrated dental CAM software and a post-curing system. SmartCAMcnc, an Oregon-based company that develops the  SmartCAM CAM software suite, recently launched a new software subscription option that cuts acquisition costs for CAM software. In July 2018, OPEN MIND Technologies AG, a U.S.-based software company, released the latest version of its advanced, comprehensive CAM software. With regard to each:

SprutCAM America Launches New Product

The new product SprutCAM comes with a new and user-friendly interface, new 2D CAD editor integrated into the model page, product and manufacturing information (PMI) import, innovative adaptive SC high-speed machining operation, painting simulation, 5-axis tool path conversion, and much more. SprutCAM Robot supports programming of several types of industrial robots such as Fanuc, Kuka, Staubli, Yaskawa Motoman, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Nachi, ABB, and more.


Easy access and user-friendly software will be important as people with different skill sets may need to access data for project management, consulting, or other reasons.

Mogassam Releases DentCase

Mogassa’s DentCase was exhibited at the International Dental Show (IDS) 2019 in Cologne. “Mogassam develops automatic DLP 3D printers for the dental industry,” the company said. “We are committed to bringing convenient reliable 3D printers for creative dentists and dental technicians around the globe. We also develop a top-notch automated dental CAM software to provide seamless dental 3D printing experience for our users.”


CAM technology is used in industries including aerospace & defense, shipbuilding, automobiles, trains, machine tooling, and more.

SmartCAMcnc Develops New Software Subscription

The software subscription option released by SmartCAMcnc is aimed at cutting acquisition costs for CAM software, which are considered as a hindrance to CNC machine shops to obtain the CAM software they need. To cater to the demands of the market, the company announced adding an annual subscription option to its existing “perpetual-use licenses.” New annual subscription customers do not have to pay any upfront software license fees, which for much of the CAM industry makes up the bulk of the start-up costs.

OPEN MIND’s Advanced CAM Software

OPEN MIND Technologies released the latest version of its advanced and comprehensive CAM software, the hyperMILL 2018.2. The new version is said to offer several features for 3D Shape Z-level Finishing and 3D Optimized Roughing and improved CAD functionality. Available in hyperCAD-S, 3D Z-level Shape Finishing features automatic face extension to extend the selected milling surfaces during CAM programming. 3D Z-level Shape Finishing also can support conical barrel cutters along with general and tangential cutters.

In addition, hyperMILL 2018.2 functionality comes with a range of enhancements to its hyperCAD-S module. They include the power to calculate and record the distances between two shapes such as face models, solids, meshes or stock. HyperMILL 2018.2 also has a “V sketch” command that assigns geometric constraints to 2D contours.


The CAM software market is expected to grow between 2015 to 2015. The machine tool industry held a dominant position in 2016 that is expected to continue over the forecasted period. 

Thus, the capabilities of CAM software are enormous, and have been improving over the years. These new innovations and technological advances are unlocking the door to limitless possibilities.

An engineering graduate, Sharmistha Sarkar is a senior content writer for Allied Market Research. Find her on Twitter.

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