GE's Largest Turbofan Jet Engine Begins Certification Testing

May 25, 2017
Though very large, the GE9X has a lightweight and optimized design thanks to additive manufacturing technologies, composites, and components developed over the past 30 years.

The GE9X commercial turbofan engine will be the largest in the world, and the most efficient due to the record-breaking size of its turbofan and its high-performance compressor. Already, there are more than 100 orders for the GE9X to be used in Boeing 777 twin jet aircraft by 2020. With a fan diameter of 13 ft., it will be of 100,000 lb. takeoff thrust class.

Last week, GE began its engine certification tests at its Peebles Test Operation (PTO) in Ohio. The PTO certification tests follow validation trials with the full engine to test (FETT) that were started in March. Testing with the FETTs produces data that is critical for validating aerodynamic performance, and performing mechanical verification, and thermal system verification.

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