Unleashing the Power of Connectivity And Engineering

Our gallery highlights applications for connected smart devices and CAD technology.

These days, walking around the workplace with your face in your phone looks bad—especially if your job doesn’t involve looking at a smartphone. But some companies are becoming device-focused, with the sensor, battery, connection, digital storage, and computing power of smartphones, tablets, and other devices amplifying and supporting workers.

In applications where workers don’t have a space, computer, or phone, intangible data is accessible through electronic devices which are accelerating production, maintenance, and training. The following examples demonstrate how technology is aiding the new Industrial Revolution to connect land, air, and sea to ensure anyone has access to information. Additionally, information and devices can be used in multiple ways, so individuals are able to customize the content in a manner that communicates best to them. The following offerings were showcased at the LiveWork event in Boston this year.

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