SaaS: The Concept of a Single Source of Truth

March 22, 2024
With cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) and global deployments, companies can enable collaboration and a new way of working—on the same design at the same time.

In the world of design engineering, the realm of computer aided design (CAD), computer aided manufacturing (CAM), product data management (PDM) and product lifecycle management (PLM) is constantly evolving. These technologies form the backbone of modern design processes, enabling engineers to innovate, collaborate and bring products to market with efficiency and precision.

Understanding the intricacies of CAD, CAM, PDM and PLM is paramount, so to help design engineers navigate this landscape of advancements and challenges, Machine Design spoke with Dave Katzman, head of PTC’s Velocity Group, to shed some light on the subject.

PTC’s customers build everything from airplanes and cars to home appliances and medical devices. The Velocity Group is a combination of three businesses: the Arena PLM business, the Onshape CAD and PDM business and the PTC Education Group, which takes these technologies out to universities and the K-12 space to educate the next generation of the workforce.

SaaS, AI, ML and More

When asked how these technologies are helping to shape the market, Katzman said, “You can really unlock a lot of potential for future collaboration within your organizations...these technologies have evolved so much,” noting that “industry really hasn't taken advantage just yet.”

In this Quick Chat, Katzman touches on why cloud-native CAD/PDM is becoming increasingly popular; how companies are expected to incorporate sustainability and eco-friendly practices into their design processes; the role of AI and machine learning evolving in CAD/CAM/PDM/PLM solutions and the impact this will this have on design processes; the challenges companies face when transitioning to more collaborative and integrated design workflows and how they can be addressed; and how to leverage data analytics and insights from CAD/CAM/PDM/PLM systems to optimize design processes, enhance product quality and improve time-to-market.

Katzman says the biggest benefit is the concept of “a single source of truth thats really only available when you have a cloud-native SaaS-based solution.”

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