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Metal 3D Printing to Shape the Aerospace Industry

Here is a look at the latest events shaping the future of aerospace manufacturing.

Billions of dollars in investments along with years of R&D in metal and composite 3D printing are beginning to pay off for the aerospace industry as 3D-printed engine parts pass their testing phase and become integrated into final designs. Collaboration between startups, larger companies, and 3D printing services has led to engines with fewer assembly parts, better fuel economies, and a shorter time to market. 

3D printing with metal has enabled several major breakthroughs in the aerospace industry this past year. Companies like General Electric and government organizations like NASA have invested in testing and developing new alloys that can be 3D printed to survive high speed, high heat environments, all while optimizing the engine's strength-to-weight ratio. Additive manufacturing (AM) can reduce scrap metal by up to 90% compared to subtractive manufacturing for better material costs. 

At the Industrial Design & Engineering show, Cullen Hilkene, CEO of 3Diligent, will speak about the future of metal 3D printing and its relevance to several industries. His presentation will cover major printing technologies for working with new materials. ID&E will take place in Cleveland, Ohio May 8-10 at the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland.  Hilkene will give his speech on Tuesday, 05/09/2017: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm as part of the Manufacturing Practices track. Don’t miss the early bird special, which expires March 6 with the code IDEEARLY.

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