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Machine Design

Public Lends a 3D-Printed Hand to Disabled Children

Over 3600 e-Nable members have taken up the cause to provide 3D-printed, low-cost prosthetic hands to children with depleted grasping function. Parents, engineers, physical-therapists, and even grade-school kids are stepping up to the plate, printing custom hands within a few hours for less than $50. The volunteer network is open to new hand designs and ideas, and continually looks for members that own 3D printers to offer their services. Users can find local 3D printers by messaging e-Nable on Facebook or emailing [email protected]).

In this gallery, we take a look at several available designs. Instructions and files for building the hands can be found at, and most designs are highly customizable. The website also features several tutorial videos, and it offers lists of required parts for specific hands, along with part-order URLs and suppliers. 

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