Siemens' new online platform will connect members across the AM platform

Siemens Announces Online Platform For Connectivity Across AM Supply Chain

Expected to launch mid-2018, the platform could be used to connect members to the AM supply chain to enable co-invention and optimal use of resources.

Siemens announced development an online networking and communications platform for members across the additive manufacturing (AM) supply chain. Scheduled to launch mid-2018, it will offer collaborative tools that will facilitate co-invention and communications between distributors, further launching AM into the mainstream for quick-turnaround production of industrial parts. 

Under development by Siemens' Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software business, the part-manufacturing platform could be used by job shops, 3D printer OEMs, material suppliers, and expert services providers to ensure optimal use of global AM resources. Collaborative tools will include a co-invention platform for designers, and networking for part buyers and micro-factories among others. 

“Siemens is one of the only companies addressing the diverse needs of all AM market participants – from designers and engineers, to manufacturers, 3D-printing machine OEMs, material vendors, and software providers—with a comprehensive set of seamless technology solutions for distributed industrial additive manufacturing and co-innovation,” says Tony Hemmelgarn, President and Chief Executive Officer, Siemens PLM Software.

Siemens also invites interested parties to ask about early access membership before the mid-2018 launch. For more information visit NX Manufacturing News.

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