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Software Update Leads to Faster, Cheaper 3D Printing

Software Update Leads to Faster, Cheaper 3D Printing

Updates to the Form 1+ SLA model software help to improve 3D printing.

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With the onslaught of innovations continually changing the industry’s landscape, designers maintain their focus on software to get even more out of the hardware. An example of this occurred last year when Formlabs updated software to include a 200-micron setting to the printer’s resolution. Printing in thinner 200-micron layers allows for quicker prints.

The update was for the Form 1+ SLA model, and the software update improved print speed further by reducing structural supports. Less support doesn’t necessarily affect quality if used effectively, and can greatly reduce print time. FormLabs said this one update reduced support material by as much as 60%. Updates in software allow objects such as this 3D-printed speaker, created by Adam Lebovitz, to be printed with the same quality, but faster and cheaper.

Looking for parts? Go to SourceESB.

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