Ultrasonic Manipulation Courtesy of 3Ders.org

Sound of Silence: Ultrasonic Manipulator Arranges Electronic Circuits

The patent-pending technology can be used to manipulate various materials in 3 dimensions, producing embedded electronic devices in a brand new way.

Using ultrasonic technology, this 3D printer offers a gentle, non-contact method to manipulate material particles and sensitive components into full electronic circuits. Ultrasonic research company Neurotechnology, is based in Lithuania, and also specializes in the development of artificial intelligence algorithms and software.

The technology could be useful in clean rooms to manipulate objects in the submillimeter range, while eliminating static electricity to optimize control. It can handle materials from dust to liquids, making it useful to 3D print objects with embedded electronic components.

Currently patent pending, the invention required expertise in ultrasonic field modelling and manipulation. The printer’s walls are lined with an array of ultrasonic transducers used to levitate and manipulate particles in three dimensions. A laser head is used to solder components, and a camera is used to accurately position components. To learn more and see a demonstration, watch the video below released by the inventors.

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