FEA and Simulation

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Powerful Strategies for Keeping Manufacturing in the U.S.

Can we keep manufacturing in the U.S. simply through better accounting and design practices?
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5 Simple Rules to Becoming a Design Guru

When it comes to 3D printing and design, here's some sound advice for the new engineer—and probably a few of the experienced ones as well.
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The Impact of Simulation and the Future of Manufacturing

Machine Design talks to three simulation experts on why you should start running simulation on your designs.

Will Virtual Reality Replace the Desktop?

An investment in augmented and virtual technology is an investment in people.
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IMTS Roundup: Products and Software Shaping the Future of Manufacturing

Last week's International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) featured the latest technologies that will spur the next revolution in machining and manufacturing.
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Supercomputer Simulates Up to 10,000 Engine Designs at a Time

VERIFI harnesses the power of Mira­—the fifth fastest supercomputer in the world—to process its high-performance simulation program at speeds of 10 petaFLOPS, or a thousand-trillion...
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What’s The Difference Between FEM, FDM and FVM?

Discussing what separates the finite-element, finite-difference, and finite-volume methods from each other in terms of simulation and analysis.