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Designing with Galfenol

New magnetostrictive material captures minute amounts of energy from vibrations and other physical phenomena to make possible new kinds of energy-harvesting schemes
Machinedesign 5835 Beet Loader Standard Drives 0

Standardized gears and motors keep agricultural conveyors moving

Conveyors on machines called pilers use motors with planetary gearheads plus other mechanical design features to boost reliability and standardize one beet-sugar company’s drives...
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Machine vision boosts productivity on bottling line

Machine vision in larger automated systems improves productivity, increases throughput, and eliminates human error in myriad global industries.
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Your first e-vehicle could be an e-bike

A speedy pace of innovation could make electric motorcycles and scooters more viable for consumers than electric four wheelers.
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The rise of Robot Operating System (ROS) software

Open-source software is giving rise to emerging breeds of quasi-commercial, prosthetic, and industrial robots. Robot Operating System (ROS) software — a suite of software libraries...