Handheld oscilloscope goes color

April 4, 2002
It can be difficult to discern one waveform from another on crowded oscilloscope screens, especially handheld scopes.

To ease the problem, Fluke Corp., Everett, Wash., gives their 196C and 199C ScopeMeters larger screens, faster display rates, and full-color capabilities, including color warnings. The devices combine an oscilloscope, digital multimeter and paperless recorder in a rugged, portable package.

Screen resolution is 320 3 240 pixels, an increase over the company's previous models, so the instruments are easier to read, especially in the field. Menu-driven interfaces and on-screen prompts simplify operation.

The scopemeters incorporate Fluke's Connect-and View mode for capturing virtually any signal, as well as a "stop on trigger" function in record mode. This lets the meters acquire waveform data then stop once the oscilloscope is triggered. The scope can also be set up to stop if a repetitive trigger signal is interrupted, a useful trait when recording and analyzing power interruptions and machine failures.

Both models are two-channel oscilloscopes with separate high-speed digitizers for each channel. They are 1,000 V CAT II and 600 V CAT II safety certified. Each comes with a NiMH battery pack with a 4-hr life per recharge.

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