Ultraminiature low-pressure regulator

Nov. 6, 2003
Advances in controls and networks combined with components that pack more punch have opened the door to more-precise, durable, and economical pneumatic systems.
The PRD-1-N-1 miniature regulator handles inlet pressures to 300 psig and controls outlet pressure to 0.5 psig.

A new ultraminiature pressure regulator is designed to control outlet pressures down to 0.5 psig. The PRD-1-N-1 regulator from Beswick Engineering, Greenland, N.H., is said to be suited for gas and pneumatic pressure-regulation applications, particularly when space and weight are critical. Maximum width is 1.03 in., maximum height is 1 in., and body height is only 0.69 in.

The unit controls output pressures from 0 to 30 psig and is especially suited to low pressure regulation, for instance 0.5 psig. Output pressure adjustments are made with a screwdriver. Maximum rated inlet supply pressure is 300 psig, and both inlet and outlet ports are tapped 10-32 UNF.

The regulator weighs only 26.5 gm in brass and 15 gm in aluminum. The light weight permits in-line installation without the need for panel mounting. The nonrelieving regulator features Buna-N O-ring seals and diaphragm. Optional seal and diaphragm materials are available.

Applications include hydrogen fuel cells, medical equipment, instruments, laboratory equipment, ink-jet print engines, and semiconductor-manufacturing equipment.

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