Direct-Drive Steering System

March 23, 2006
The KMotion motion-control board combines a 600-Mflop DSP, an output stage with power amps, USB connections, and a PC-based development environment.

Motion-Control Board

The board, designed for up to four axes, controls torque, speed, and position for stepper, dc brushless, and dc brush motors. Flash memory stores and runs multiple-thread compiled C-code with 64-bit native floating-point support for stand-alone operation. For control and monitoring, a PC can be connected with a USB cable. A PC-based development environment combines configuration, status, programming, and advanced diagnostic and turning tools such as Bode plots and signal filtering. G-Code support allows for coordinated moves between axes. Eight full bridges are controlled by 30-kHz, 10-bit PWMs and four 165-W onboard current-limited power amps provide 3-A continuous current and 6-A peak current at 55 V. The boards have four channels of analog input (±10 V) and eight channels of analog output (4 at ±10 V, 4 at 0 to 4 V).

DynoMotion Inc., 3532 Adamsville Ave., Calabasas, CA 91302,

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