Digital/Pneumatic Regulators

July 22, 2004
Type-5500 multistation, digital-to-pneumatic pressure regulators contain DeviceNet capabilities.


The manifolds use a common air supply to provide electronic proportional control of output pressure from any combination of four, six, or eight station units through the use of a DeviceNet protocol. An 8-bit digital signal describing the required output pressure for each electronic regulator goes via DeviceNet to the Type-5500 node. The Type 5500 converts the digital signal into the appropriate 4-to-20-mA signal that goes to each corresponding I/P transducer, which adjusts output pressure to the desired setting. Each manifold requires only one power cord and one fieldbus connection for up to eight pressure outputs from one node. An optional pressure sensor feeds back a diagnostic signal by DeviceNet to the controller, which then monitors pressure output from each I/P. Individual pneumatic shutoff valves allow adding, changing, or removing electronic pressure regulators without shutting off the main air supply. Output ranges include 3 to 15, 3 to 27, 6 to 30, 2 to 60, and 3 to 120 psig. Maximum supply pressure is 150 psig. Built-in volume boosters provide flow capacity of up to 20 scfm. Applications include modulated control of valves, cylinders, and actuators for machine tools, robotics, material handling, and similar needs.

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