Clutch, Stop, And Hold

Oct. 7, 2004
The EC20 clutch-brake provides stopping and holding torque in addition to clutching.

Units require a pick-and-hold circuit to provide engagement and disengagement. The clutch-brake comes with 24 Vdc (14 W) for engagement, which is held for 50 msec. Voltage is then reduced to 12 Vdc (3.5 W) to hold the brake disengaged while the clutch drives the output. Typical operating speeds are from 100 to 800 rpm with a 1,400 rpm maximum. Outside diameter is 1.5 in. with a shaft length of 1.4 in. Applications include paper feed operations in copiers, collators, and sorters. Units are rated for 1 million actuations at a dynamic load capacity of 20 lb-in. Reell Precision Mfg. Corp., 1259 Willow Lake Blvd., Saint Paul, MN 55110, (651) 484-2447,

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