High-strength glass roving - AGY

Oct. 2, 2010
The rovings are meant for wind-turbine applications.

S-1 HM fiberglass rovings for wind-turbine blades have 90 GPa tensile modulus, as measured by ASTM D2343, over 20% higher than typical E-Glass. Tensile strength is 85% higher, compressive strength is 50% higher, and compressive modulus is 20% higher. Compared to high-strength glass rovings, S-1 HM rovings have 30% higher tensile strength, 10% higher tensile modulus, 12% higher compressive strength, and 10% higher compressive modulus.

S-1 HM rovings come in a range of yields for both epoxy and polyester resin systems. The direct roving product form is tailored for standard conversion to unidirectional fabrics and prepregs and multiaxial fabrics.

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