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Bioplastic specialty compounds - RTP Co.

 A comprehensive line of engineered bioplastic compounds use resins derived from renewable resources. The compounds, based on polyamide, polyester, and polylactic acid (PLA), are available in conductive, flame-retardant, structural, and wear-resistant grades. The compounds contain 20 to 80% biocontent by weight and are derived from sustainable resources.
Bioplastic polyamide and polyester-based compounds can have glass-fiber reinforcement, antistatic protection, halogen-free flame retardance, and PTFE lubrication. PLA grades, combined with PC, PMMA, or ABS, increase mechanical performance and offer antistatic, flame-retardant, and structural properties. A 32% biocontent PLA/PC alloy with a notched Izod impact strength of 15 ft-lb/in., and a 40% biocontent PLA/PMMA alloy are optically clear. All grades are colorable.
RTP Co., 580 E. Front St., Winona, MN 55987, (507) 454-6900,

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