Machine Design

Colorful Plastics Scrub Up

An array of medical-grade polymers now comes in an unlimited color spectrum.

The colorful polymers can be ordered in many different blends that withstand sterilization, chemicals, and elevated temperatures. Polyethersulfone (PES) grades, for example, are biocompatible, comply with USP Class VI, and retain 85 to 100% hydrolytic stability after long-term exposure (2 years continuous). PES grades resist chemicals and bodily fluids, including enzymatic soaking agents, high-level disinfectants, blood reagents, and anesthetics. Color customization lets designers add transparent and opaque molded colors to designs as well as vibrant effects using transparent color combinations that add even more ways to customize products.

Minnesota Rubber QMR Plastics Medical Group, 1100 Xenium Lane N, Minneapolis, MN 55441, (952) 927-1400,

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