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Digital dashboard

The Next Generation Instrumentation (NGI) system is a fully digital, multiplexed, heavy-duty vehicle instrument system that serves as an alternative to analog gages found on heavy trucks, agricultural/construction equipment, and other vehicles. NGI also adapts to buses, RVs, and fixed-station engines. It handles as many as 24 modules, including a light bar. All NGI gages feature light-piped, life-of-vehicle, amber LED backlighting, 270? sweeps, and readable graphics. The gages mount into standard 2 and 3-in. cutouts. The system, which is suitable for new and existing dashboard instrument panels, requires no calibration or maintenance. Both English and metric scales, with and without subscales, are available. Built-in red warning LEDs reduce the number of telltale indicators that must be controlled. In addition to a million-mile odometer, the NGI system has a multifunction message center that provides two independently resettable trip odometers, engine hourmeter, alarm clock, and built-in diagnostic message display.

Ametek Dixson, 287 27 Rd., Grand Junction, CO 81503, (970) 244-1241.

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