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Instant light-cure adhesives - Henkel Corp.

Instant light-cure adhesives - Henkel Corp.

Loctite Flashcure 4310 and 4311 toughened adhesives cure tack-free with 2 to 5-sec exposure to low-intensity UV or visible light. A moisure-cure mechanism lets the adhesives cure fully in unexposed areas over time. Both adhesives are fluorescent for inspection purposes, meet ISO 10993 biocompatibility standards, and adhere to plastics, elastomers, rubbers, and metals.
Loctite 4310 has low viscosity and fills gaps to 0.005-in. Loctite 4311 has higher viscosity and fills larger gaps to 0.008-in. Both cure to depths up to 0.5-inches upon exposure to light and withstand temperatures from -65 to 180°F.

Henkel Corp., 1 Henkel Way, Rocky Hill, CT 06067, 860-571-5100,

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