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Military Switches Handle Vabration, Shock

A complete line of rotary-detent and snap-action switches comply with pertinent military specifications for high-shock, high-vibration environments.

Military switches handle vibration, shock

Rotary detent-action multipole and selector switches permit multiple decks in a single switch, with each deck containing multiple contacts. Standard models come with up to 25 sections, 75 poles, and 16 positions. The maintenance-free switches operate with a double-sided, double-wiping, self-cleaning knife-switch action.

The quick (approx. 10-msec contact transfer time) make and break action of rotary snap-action switches make them suitable for both ac and dc switching. Standard models come with up to 12 poles and four positions. Stationary contact ends extend beyond the insulating disk to act as connecting terminals, minimizing heating and resistance. The switches have double-wiping contacts for low resistance.

Electroswitch, 180 King Ave., Weymouth, MA 02188, (781) 335-5200,

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