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Machine Design

Protective Gloves

ChemTek gloves, available in two styles, provide protection against hazardous chemicals in manufacturing and chemicalprocessing plants.

ChemTek butyl gloves offer the ketone resistance of natural rubber combined with hydrocarbon resistance. ChemTek Viton gloves are dual polymer for workers facing aggressive chemical exposure. Butyl gloves offer dexterity and the highest permeation resistance to gases and chemical vapors, esters, ketones, strong oxidizing agents, and other harsh chemicals. Flexible Viton gloves, for even heavier-duty applications, are made of Viton/butyl for resistance against aromatic hydrocarbons such as benzene, toluene, xylene, as well as from most chlorinated solvents and aliphatic hydrocarbons. Butyl gloves come in 14, 20, and 28-mil versions with a smooth or rough finish. Viton gloves come in 12, 20, or 28-mil thicknesses with a smooth finish. Both gloves come in 12 and 14-in. lengths.

Ansell Healthcare, 200 Schulz Dr., Red Bank, NJ 07701, (732) 345-5400,

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