Chuck Dohogne

Chuck started working at old Sportsman Park in St. Louis at age 8, selling chewing gum and Hershey bars. By 13 he had moved on to working at stock car races. By the time he graduated high school, he had already worked with Singer Sewing Machine, American Car and Foundry, and a bra Co. While attending college at St. Louis IT, Chuck was also a welder at Fisher Body. In 1954, he joined the Air Force as a sheet metal/air frame repairman, welder, and machinist. He worked his way up to becoming a design draftsman at MCA until resuming college at the University of Missouri (Rolla Campus) where he graduated as a metallurgical engineer in January, 1961. From this point, Chuck worked a long career with many companies and positions that include- Army at Rock Island Arsenal, Air Force at Arnold research Center, Cleveland Powder Metal, Reactive Metals (Titanium), Purex Corp (Corporate Metallurgist), T. Mitchell as a Forensic Engineer, and consulting work for the Medical industry. During this time, Chuck also founded TiMesh to make implants, and worked full time on two heart pacemakers at Cos., C. F. Braun Corp  and Ace Orthopedic. He picked up 12 patents in the fields of metallurgy chemistry, electro-chemistry, and bio mechanics. Eleven of these patents became very successful products. Chuck also started Rancho Industries to make Titanium car parts. With over 50 years of engineering experience, Chuck now hopes to pass on some of his experiences to the Machine Design audience. 

Chuck’s Recent activity