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Better Device-Level Protocols Build a Stronger Connection

Jan. 3, 2023
Beckhoff’s Azad Jafari sees growth in sensor-to-cloud communications through OPC/UA and time-sensitive networking.

The growth in networking technologies such as OPC/UA have resulted in improved device-level connectivity, security and productivity, yet their remains a gap in adoption of these solutions.

As Azad Jafari, I/O product manager for Beckhoff Automation noted in a recent interview with Control Design’s Mike Balcidore, “Global manufacturing requires robust and secure, cloud-based remote connectivity and monitoring. This enables companies to run and manage their facilities and production much more efficiently. They can access their assets from all over the world and react to their maintenance needs much faster.

“This will reduce their downtime while using labor and engineering resources more efficiently,” added Jafari. “The simple integration of higher-level communication protocols with real-time fieldbus communication is key to making this a reality.”

Click here for the full interview with Jafari and more on the use of strategies such as time-sensitive networking. Control Design is an Endeavor Business Media partner site.

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