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AVEVA Conference 2023: Sustainable Industrial Economies Will Depend on Digital Insights

Oct. 24, 2023
AVEVA CEO Caspar Herzberg highlights the role of his company’s Industrial Intelligence-as-a-Service (IIaaS) in empowering the next wave of sustainable industrial growth during its flagship conference.

Industrial Intelligence-as-a-Service (IIaaS) was hailed a key next step in enterprises’ digital transformation during AVEVA’s flagship conference in San Francisco (Oct. 23-26).

Paying homage to founding fathers of industrial intelligence—including innovators like Arthur Llewellyn, who developed computer aided design; Dennis Moran, founder of Wonderware; and Pat Kennedy, founder of OSIsoft—AVEVA CEO Caspar Herzberg reflected on the current state of the global aspirations for digital transformation.

Industrial intelligence, according to Herzberg, is the key element that enables success in solving that most important dilemma of our age: how to do more with less.

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Because if companies don’t do more with less, he argued, they will never be able to be sustainable. “You will not be able to make money,” Herzberg emphasized. “You will not be able to get the business results that you need to get, nor will you meet the increasingly stringent sustainability targets that governments, that civil society all over the world…put on us. Without that it will not happen.”

Herzberg positioned his keynote presentation around the dual, fundamental global challenges of how to make money and how to achieve sustainability. The solution to both, he explained, is to harness the power of digital insight to master the connected industrial economy.

Only 30% of companies that engage in digital transformation are successful, Herzberg pointed out. The fundamental reason that 70% of companies fail, he added, is because they don’t have access to the right skills.

“They don’t have your knowledge,” Herzberg told the audience of about 2,000 delegates, He  explained further that most companies that don’t have the right IT skills and operational technology (OT), and that they tend to unnecessarily customize solutions—which are bound to fail in long-term digital strategies

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Instead, the path to success, he said, is for companies to master their industrial ecosystems. AVEVA could naturally assist in this transformation, Herzberg said, helping companies to build a data infrastructure based on one industrial intelligence cloud platform. “And this platform we call Connect.”

AVEVA further highlighted the role of its Industrial Intelligence-as-a-Service (IIaaS) during the morning keynotes. Chief Product Officer Rob McGreevy and EVP Portfolio Kim Custeau discussed advancements to the product suite, extending customers’ investments in AVEVA Unified Engineering, AVEVA Operations Control, and AVEVA PI System.

Two new developments were rolled out during the keynote presentations: 

  • AVEVA PI Data Infrastructure, a fully integrated, hybrid cloud solution that converts physical assets into agile digital insights, thereby enhancing collaboration and supporting live access at any site. The single-subscription solution is touted for its flexible scalability, centralized information management and secure, collaborative intelligence sharing.
  • AVEVA Advanced Analytics, a no-code Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. The suite optimizes production efficiency and allows for secure data sharing and leveraging immediately actionable insights from a single digital source of information. Applications range from consumer products to food and beverage, packaging, building materials and hybrid manufacturing, as well as water and wastewater.

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