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Beckhoff Offers CX5600 Embedded PC Series with AMD Ryzen Processors for Industrial Automation

Jan. 31, 2024
The devices are designed for expanded connectivity options, more processing power and compatibility with industrial automation software.

Companies looking to integrate complex control tasks, real-time operations and advanced visualizations might benefit from the flexibility, expandability and support for multiple operating systems that the CX5600 series is designed to provide.

The latest additions to the machine control line are made for a range of industrial applications, including PLC, HMI and motion control. Key features include:

  • Two variants: CX5620 (1.2 GHz) and CX5630 (2 GHz) equipped with AMD Ryzen processors.
  • Low power consumptions and fanless design for reliable energy-efficient operation.
  • Connectivity with two independent Gbit Ethernet interfaces, four USB 3.0 interfaces and a DVI-D interface.
  • Expandable system with a CX2500 module for additional PC interfaces, for flexible custom configurations.
  • Support for TwinCAT 3 automation software and multiple operating system options, including Windows 10 and TwinCAT/BSD alternative OS.

Same Form Factor, Advanced User Interfaces

The CX5600 series retains the same form factor as its predecessors, ensuring integration into existing industrial setups. These DIN rail-mounted embedded PCs have an extended operating temperature range from −25°C to 60°C, making them suitable for deployment in a range of demanding climate conditions.

With the integrated TwinCAT 3 automation software, the CX5600 series ensures efficient management of real-time control tasks, allowing ample time for executing human machine interface (HDMI) operations. The high-performance graphics kernel integrated in the processor supports demanding visualizations, enabling advanced user interfaces for industrial control applications.

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