Flexible, Silicone-Enclosed Cables Include Fiberglass Mounting Plate That Lets Users Attach it With Any Fasteners to Any Surface

May 19, 2009
Flexible, silicone-enclosed cables include a fiberglass mounting plate that lets users attach it with any fasteners to any surface, from Cicoil.

To simplify the task of adding wires or cabling to a device or structure, engineers at Cicoil Corp., Valencia, Calif. (www.cicoil.com), have added a fiberglass-reinforced mounting ribbon to its flat cable to create Strip- Mount. Customers can punch or drill as many holes as they want through the ribbon. They can then use screws, nails, or other fasteners to secure the ribbon and cabling to any surface. (The ribbon has 250 lb of holding force.) And a single fastener can pass through several mounting ribbons, letting several StripMount cabling strips hang from the same fastener. This eliminates the need for conduits to carry cable.

Customers can choose from a variety of conductors ranging from 4 to 44-awg, adding almost as many as they want to the flat cable. Conductors and wires are covered in the cabling’s tough, flexible silicone, letting them function despite temperatures as low as –65°C and as high as 260°C, as well as in vacuums and exposure to water, oils, and chemicals. The cabling (patent pending) meets AS 9100 standards for aerospace and military use, as well as UL requirements, including the vertical-flame test (UL-94 VO and V1).

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