HSTAR 750 Series LVDTs designed for high-temperature applications

Nov. 3, 2009
HSTAR 750 Series LVDTs designed for high-temperature applications

The HSTAR 750 Series of ac-operated, position-sensing LVDTs (linear variable-differential transducers) from Macro Sensors, Pennsauken, N.J. (www.macrosensors.com), are hermetically sealed and constructed out of stainless steel. Sealed construction inside a heavy-duty steel housing lets the core move freely while protecting the windings from the environment. It also lets the core withstand temperatures to 400°F. The coil windings are sealed to IP-68 standards and electrical termination is through a sealed radial connection near one end.

This radial connector lets the design use a through-bore configuration which permits access to both ends of the core for better mechanical support and core guidance, and easier cleaning in dusty environments. The second advantage of the radial connector is its shorter installed length compared to sensors of the same range with axial connectors.

The position sensors come in ranges from ±0.05 to ±10 in. Maximum linear error is ±0.25% of full range. It will withstand up to 1,000 gs of shock for 11 msec. Options include Teflon bore liners, metric threaded cores, and smaller, low-mass cores.

Edited by Stephen J. Mraz

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