Shock absorbers for glass-molding machines

Nov. 3, 2011
Shock absorbers for glass-molding machines

Various mechanisms on glass-molding machines undergo high cycle rates in a hot environment as they quickly move and precisely stop. To soften those stops and, thus, extend the life of the equipment, engineers at Ace Controls Inc., Farmington Hills, Mich., developed the M64 ×2 glass shock absorbers. They feature heavy-duty designs and construction, as well as oversized bearings, one-piece pistons, and an external positive stop.

The shocks work over a wide range of speeds and loads. They can handle 10,000 lb of force/cycle and 2.4 million lb/hr. The shock absorbers also come in two versions: adjustable and fixed. Both work with take out-in, take out-out, and blow-head mechanisms. But the adjustable version has a split mounting flange that lets users adjust the final stop position by ±0.25 in. to compensate for component wear.

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